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6 days Tangier Sahara desert tour

6 days Tangier Sahara desert tour

Day 1: Tangier – Chefchaouen
Travel Across Morocco Team will introduce you to the magnificent beauty of Moroccan landscapes and the charm of its authentic cultures.
On the first Day of our Tanger Desert Tour, we will pick you up from your Hotel in Tangier and then drive you towards Morocco’s Blue city, the beautiful Chefchaouen.
Upon our arrival, you would certainly admire the marvelous buildings and narrow streets, where everything is perfectly blue. You would live and love the relaxing in the blue serenity of Chefchaouen, the beauty is hidden in the Jewish- inspired colored buildings in every shade of blue imaginable, the colors and the unique shades definitely make the Blue Chefchaouen every Photographer’s dream.
The calmness of Chefchaouen and the relaxing blue makes it the perfect escape from crowded cities, as you would enjoy the smooth calm life where there is no crazy hustle and bustle. The beautiful blue and whitewashed walls and majestic mountains overlooking the characterful town would certainly make fall in love with this marvelous location.
We will take you through the old Medina with its blue like maze lined with the beautiful and colorful handicrafts, the Plaza Uta el-Hammam, the large square in the city center gorgeously shaped in the most elegant combination of Arabic and Spanish to have a tempting cup of mint tea and admire the majestic mountains overlooking the city, and entertainers doing all sorts of activity.
After exploring the magical blue city, we will have a tempting local meal for dinner and then spend the night in a lovely blue-washed guesthouse.

6 days Tangier Sahara desert tour

Day 2: Chefchaouen – Meknes – Volubilis – Fes
As soon as we have our fancy breakfast, we will leave the Blue pearl towards a fascinating treasure hidden in the gorgeous Moroccan countryside.
First, we will stop in Meknes, “ The Moroccan Versailles” to wander inside of its magnificent monumental gates and huge old walls. We will start our Meknes tour by visiting “Bab el Mansour” (the most elegant Gateway in Morocco), and then “Dar Jamai” Museum which was before a majestic Royal Palace.
Next, we will take you to enjoy the tastiest Moroccan Tagine in the huge square of Place El Hedim, wander through the narrow streets of The old Medina, Moulay Ismail Mausoleum, old Royal granaries and stables.
The following stop would be Moulay Idriss Zerhoun, the holiest Moroccan city, and the sacred home of Moulay Idriss I, the first Moroccan Ruler and the first one to bring Islam to Morocco. We will have a memorable tour of the beautiful cosy town to see the captivating panoramic views and the fabulous Moroccan oldest Mosque.
After that, we will be discovering Volubilis, the ancient Roman site dating back to the 3rd century, to start exploring the remaining streets, huge castles, the magnificent Royal palaces, surviving towers and high large Gates.
You would go back through centuries witnessing the remarkable secrets of one of the most powerful and significant Empires in history, as you discover the most beautiful paintings, the beautiful mosaics, the abandoned stones, and the green surrounding fields.
The last stop on today’s Tangier Desert Tours is Fes, the oldest heart of Morocco, where we will have a typical Fessi dinner and then spend the night in a luxurious historical Riad.

6 days Tangier Sahara desert tour

Day 3: Fez Guided Tour

Day 4Fes – Ifrane – Midelt – Merzouga
On the next morning, we will leave the old city heading towards the spectacular Moroccan Sahara. We will drive through the Middle Atlas mountains, passing by the most charming landscapes and captivating Berber villages, to first stop in Ifrane, The marvelous Mountains town. Ifrane city, or “Little Switzerland”, is well known for its clean mountains air, scrubbed streets and leafy outlook.
Next, we will stop in Africa’s largest cedar forest, to play with the funny little Monkeys and admire the fragrant cedar forest trails. Travel Across Morocco
Then, we will pursue to The Berber town of Rocks, The beautiful Midelt, where we will have our Berber Tagine in a cozy Berber-style restaurant, where Vegetables will taste so different, appetizing, fresh and tasty when cooked in a Moroccan Tagine.
Last, we will continue to Merzouga village through Erfoud. Merzouga is Morocco’s magnificent Door the Majestic Sahara. We will find our camels waiting to take us on the most memorable Camel Trek, during the inexplicably magical sunset.
We will spend the second night of our Tangier Desert Tours 6 Days in an intimate desert camp, gathering around the campfire, and listening to the exotic Sahara Music.

6 days Tangier Sahara desert tour

Day 5: Erg Chebbi – Middle Atlas Mountains – Fes
We will have an early wake up to witness the world’s most beautiful sunrise, as the sun goes up the high dunes to light up the infinite sea of sandy dunes in all different shades of gold. Our camels will take you to the middle of the Sahara, where you see nothing but the distant black nomadic tents and the endless golden sands.
During your Tangier to Merzouga 2 Days, you will be able to experience the most exciting Sahara adventures as Sand-Boarding, Quad biking and Motorcycling.
You would be also invited by a family of nomads to drink a cup of mint tea and share their most impressive way of life.
After some memorable quality time in The Royal Sahara, we will go back to our camp to have some rest before taking the road Again.
We will leave Merzouga, heading towards the remarkable cold Middle Atlas Mountains as we leave behind the warmest side of Morocco.
At the end of Our Sahara adventure, we will get back to Fes to finally drop you off at your Riad.

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Day 6: Fes – Tangier

On the last day of our Tangier Desert Tour, we will leave the old city behind heading the Tangier, the bride of the north to drop you off at your Hotel or Airport.

Morocco Tangier desert tour

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6 days Tangier Sahara desert tour
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